Consultant business

Project Leaders

Bbright offers carefully chosen professional project managers who have both the experience, the ability and not least the will to make a positive difference. Our project leaders need to possess the capacity to act and think systemically while possessing an integrity that obliges them to do their best.

Interim leaders

Several of the Bbright consultants often have experience from positions as head of department, head of development or director in the area of IT and IT-companies. Furthermore, several of our consultants are members of boards of directors. In combination with a thorough and selective recruitment process, we can offer your company an answer where the perspective is expansion.

Business analysts

Bbright finds it significant that a business analyst is able to communicate, analyse, spar, and remain sceptical and constructive towards the needs and possibilities of a business domain.




There will never be many of us, but there are many paths leading in our direction... Bbright consultants often have the following backgrounds:

  • Academic education in economy, IT, or an equivalent.
  • Three years of experience on the permanent staff in a well-renowned consultant business.
  • Eight years of experience in a relevant profession.
  • Has completed the recruitment process in Bbright with a satisfactory result.

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In Bbright we believe in intelligence, integrity, interest, insight, and empathy.


We believe that the most important tool for success is your brain. This is why we test all candidates in the fields of verbal, numerical and diagrammatical understanding.


In Bbright we evaluate the candidate on the difference between what he says and what he does.


Being interested in what you do is a prerequisite for becoming and being good.


Insight in oneself and the context in which the client operates.


Empathy for other people and organisations.


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